What to expect

Healing can be given for any illness, stress or injury as a complementary therapy without any side effects.  No specific religious or spiritual beliefs are required.  The healing process starts with the healing session and will continue to work for many days or weeks.  


The purpose of the healing is to enhance, empower and assist your innate ability to achieve a perfect state of balance in the body, mind and spirit.  Jim acts as a channel for the healing energies in order to help bring this about by working directly with the spirit of the dis-ease.  


A consultation consists of three-stages, to ensure the client is well informed and cared for during the whole healing process.  The first stage helps to identify any issues and possible Shamanic healing approaches together with any client preparation required.  This is usually by phone.


The second stage is the healing session and the majority of my clients choose to have a remote healing session.  This is when the client relaxes at home and I undertake the healing from my own healing room.  I am not physically present with the client.  This is an old Shamanic practice based on using time and space to bridge distance and is very effective.  Immediately after the healing I will discuss the healing session and any next steps required.


The third stage is a few weeks later by phone, to review the healing process and to support the healing and offer any guidance.