Client reviews


Remote Healing

I can highly recommend healing sessions with Jim at Healing Works. I have contacted Jim to arrange healing session twice. Once for fatigue and back pain and the second time for chest pains. Both times the improvement in my conditions was instant. I have more energy and my back and chest pains are gone. Jim also offered useful insights to what was causing my pains and fatigue. Those allowed me to make changes to my lifestyle to prevent future lapses. Jim helped me in times when my test results were coming back as normal and my GP couldn't see anything wrong with me. Sessions with Jim not only helped me with my physical pain but also helped me deal with my emotional baggage.

Kasia - Isle of Skye


Remote healing

I found the healing with Jim to be very powerful. He has a very kind, clear and simple manner, which helped me to feel safe, and I have a profound trust in his connection and the information that he receives through his guides. I have felt a profound and significant impact from the session, and have had much more energy since. I highly recommend Jim as a healer and feel so grateful for this session!

Julia - London


Remote healing

In the weeks after having received a distance healing from Jim I experienced specific changes and improvements. Physically I had more energy, more ‘oomph’. Mentally I felt clearer and more certain, as if a heavy fogginess had been lifted.

Aileen - Scotland                                                                                            


Remote healing

I would like to encourage anyone out there, who like me is struggling with relationship issues, depression, PSTD, and the consequent loss of self and connection to life to reach out to Jim.  In my experience, his work is outstanding and his capacity to work deeply and at a soul level has acceded the boundaries of what I thought was possible.

Two weeks passed and I began to feel my life energy flowing again. A month or so has passed and I now feel happier, stronger and more alive.  More importantly I have my soul back in one piece.  

Hellena - Devon


Remote animal healing

Thank you for the session - I feel like you were accurate and definitely tuned in on our dog and in communication with her, despite her being on medication.

You were able to give us some clear and valuable information that we can apply very easily in our everyday lives and interaction with Amanda. Your advice on how to handle her illness/attacks was good and really appreciated. You seem very genuine and honest in your approach and I'd definitely recommend you to others.  

Betina - Copenhagen, Denmark